I’ve been debating whether to blog about this senior session from the Class of 2015…it certainly wouldn’t be in everyone’s taste.  The reason why I’ve decided to do it is to encourage High School Seniors to be creative with their senior sessions!  I would love to come up with something super stupendous…even if it’s crazy, if that’s what you want.


Oh boy do I LOVE LOVE LOVE the creative types!!  When Ian walked into my studio, he had very concrete ideas of what he wanted for his senior portraits.  A VERY big chair was to be involved.  And a cat.  I thought to myself “ok…well… this will be a challenge, but let’s go for it!” and I sent him away with the task of finding a VERY VERY big chair.

Fast forward a couple months…no big chair.  Ian (creative type) texts me a picture one day of what he would like to do for his senior portraits.  I gasped.  Remember the senior portraits from the 1980’s?  You know the ones….with the second image superimposed in the background?  ish….I had one of those!  UM??  The cat was still involved…and superimposed laser lights were to be part of the design.  Oh whaaaaaaaaat was I going to do??  Despite my apprehension I, again, decided “ok…well… this will be a challenge, but let’s go for it!”  I don’t know what gets into me?  It’s those creative types…I can’t say NO.

Ian would be dressed in a smart blue suit.  There would be my favorite Thunder Gray Seamless backdrop paper from Savage Universal and studio lighting set up in the garage of his home.  And “Tiger”, the cat (which I can’t remember exactly what the elusive cat’s name was) would be shut into the garage and we would go from there.  We were going to do a “retro” totally 80’s senior session complete with laser lights!!!  yoo hoo!!!

We well know that a cat has it’s own mind.  Tiger was not a cat to be manipulated.  That morning, before we could get the garage door shut, Tiger ran away in the rain.  Yes…the rain!  And the smart blue suit was getting wet…and well, Ian and his mom were in the middle of moving and he couldn’t find all his props from his theater class in school.  It seemed as if the whole project was falling apart.  But we carried on….and Tiger eventually came back!!

I tell you…I went to Ian’s home that day in despair of what was going to happen with this whole project.  And I had the MOST FUN of any senior session EVER.  Ian was great…cool, cool kid.  I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he becomes famous one day.  Like the Drew Carey type.  We did manage to get some “normal” shots for his mom’s wall of course.  Then we got this creation done for Ian.  He ABSOLUTELY LOVED it.  It was exactly what he wanted…complete with silly “posed face”….and I breathed a sigh of success….

photographer-prescott-az-pet-family-photography-retro-senior-session-with-cat (1 of 1)

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This year I have had the privilege of doing 3…yes, three 50th wedding anniversary sessions!  This one was particularly fun because it was shot at the Verde Canyon Railroad on a beautiful November day.  What a special day this family had!

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I cannot tell you how much I enjoy doing these sessions!  Even though they are hard, and I can barely make it through without shedding tears of my own, I know I am providing a very special memory for owners of older or terminally ill pets.  This session took place on an emergency basis the day before  Scooby entered his peaceful state.  He was truly special to Kaitlin who wrote this about him:

“My sweet boy Scoob was an answer to my prayers as a 13 year old who had never had a pup of her own and dreamed of having a golden retriever. Our neighbors found him and his sister running around our neighborhood as strays. They kept the girl their children named Jasmine and asked if we would like the dog they called Scooby. We instantly knew that he was meant to be our pup. He spent the next 13 1/2 years right by my side. Although he was 60 pounds he would join me on the couch to sit on my lap, follow me around the house, greet me at the door when I returned home from school, sleep with me at the foot of the bed, comfort me in times of sadness, break ups, and losses and celebrate with me when I graduated high school and college, met the man of my dreams, and everything in between. If something happened, good or bad, he was there by my side. He added so much excitement to our lives by barking incessantly at fireworks and thunder, laying on the fresh clean laundry, and eating the entire bowl of stuffing one Thanksgiving. Those are now the things that I miss most. I wish he would lay on my clean laundry, bark at the thunder, fireworks, cats, and garbage trucks, snore and wake me up at night, but mostly follow me around the house and lay on the bed and watch tv with me (which was our nightly routine). He was with me for half my life. I was 13 when he came into my life and 26 when I knew I had to let him go and be at peace. He was and always will be my Sweet Boy.”

pet-photography-prescott-az-dogpatch-studio-forget-me-not-session-older-petpet-photography-prescott-az-dogpatch-studio-forget-me-not-session-older-petpet-photography-prescott-az-dogpatch-studio-forget-me-not-session-older-petpet-photography-prescott-az-dogpatch-studio-forget-me-not-session-older-petI would love to work with you in creating a very special remembrance of your best buddy!  928-499-2183 

BOOK YOUR SESSION NOW! 928-499-2183 Sessions start at $50