People ask me all the time:  do you do people too??  Of course I do!  Although my current focus is mainly pet photography, I have done “people portrait” photography for over 10 years, including weddings, families, seniors and babies.  You know…all the traditional stuff!  On occasion I am hired here in Prescott for something out of my “ordinary” and I truly enjoy it!

Here is a small sample of Kristina’s beautiful High School Senior gallery…it was truly a pleasure to work with this intelligent and confident young lady!


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Is it a puppy or is it an accessory???  LOL!  Either way they’ve got you covered at United Animal Friends!  These little guys ate my lunch…I could have taken every one of them home.  They’ll go fast so don’t wait to apply to be their forever family!


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Ying lived a very full life of 16 1/2 years with his lovely owner!   He was presented to her at his birth and was present with him as he passed on.  He traveled with her across the United States.  Sadly, Ying passed away later that same evening.  This photo session was a special Forget-me-Not Session created especially for pets who are nearing the end of their precious lives.  YIng will always be loved!

siamese cat nearing the end of his life portrait with owner

Forget-me-Not Session

siamese cat nearing the end of his life portrait with owner

Forget-me_not Session

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For the last 2 weeks I have been in Minnesota/Wisconsin visiting family!  A new grand baby named Alice, other grand children, my own grown children, step-children, and of course my Mom.  What a wonderful time we had seeing everyone.  But today I am thinking a lot of  the most special person to me in my life…my Papa.  I am no longer able to see him when I visit home because we lost him this past March.  So I am posting a very special little dog named Pebbles.  She was a rescue dog that my father fell in love with.  We think she is a Maltese/Llasa mix.  She has become a wonderful little pet!  She misses Dad as we all do, but she is doing ok now:)

Maltese Llasa Apso mix rescue dog sitting in hostas on a pebble sidewalkMaltese Llasa Apso mix rescue dog sitting in hostas on a pebble sidewalk

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When I moved to the Southwest from Minnesota in 2005 and landed in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque for an 18-month stint, I had no clue how dry the desert was!  The skin around my fingernails cracked, my hair lost all resemblance of curl and my feet became like sandpaper and I had to apply that nastiness called Bag Balm.  “Let’s build a giant bon-fire!” to which my friends would reply in laughter, “You  can’t have a bonfire…it’s the DESERT!”  How disappointing!  There’s nothing better than a great big ‘ol giant bonfire in the middle of the forest while looking up at the stars and roasting wienies and marshmallows.  The smell of a campfire embedded in your favorite T-shirt…ahhh.

If that weren’t enough, I certainly learned my lesson about fire last summer when I was talking with our neighbor in the Mountain Club about the sudden “bee problem” we were having.  While sitting on her porch coming up with theories as to where they were coming from, I mentioned a hole in the ground in our backyard…thinking that perhaps the bees were nesting there.  She offered to send her husband over to take a look, since he was apparently an expert at these types of  bee problems.  I said, “no, it’s ok…maybe I’ll just dump some gasoline down the hole and light a match”…since that is sometimes what we do in the Midwest when there is a bee infestation.  (Not a recommended solution to bee problems according to Adkins Bee Removal.)  I thought the woman was going to pass out in her chair at the thought of it.  “You’ll kill us all!!!”  She was truly in a panic, so I promised I would NOT kill the bees in such a manner.

I’m fairly new to Prescott, only 2 years, but this seems to be an especially dry and windy year.  Locals have confirmed our suspicions.  The wind this year is “not typical”…we are assured.  It seems we have gotten a nice break from the winds in the last week with the arrival of MONSOON SEASON!!  Glorious, glorious rain!!  How I took it for granted…being from the Midwest and all…where we would regularly receive a great overabundance to the point where everything (including the dog) was waterlogged and dripping…and we would grow weary of it.  I’ve gone from complaining about the constant rain and humidity to praying for it.  (Can one ever be truly happy with the weather?  It’s kind of like hair…you’re never happy with what you have.  If it’s curly, you want it straight.  If it’s straight, you want it curly.)

The rain brings renewal to the earth on so many levels.  It’s so cleansing.  The air feels so fresh.  The dust that’s collected on everything gets washed away, everything starts to grow green, and the smells are intoxicating…have you noticed?  I want to bottle it.  What is it in the Southwest that smells so good after a rain?  is it the sage?  the pine?  someone fill me in please!

What does this have to do with pet photography?  Absolutely nothing!  However, anyone that knows me knows that one of my favorite things in the whole world are billowy clouds.  I am completely obsessed with them.  I took a bazillion phone pictures of them on our camping travels this weekend around Flagstaff and Williams.  So I thought I would post some.

Oh!  And fire restrictions have apparently been lifted in parts of Arizona and Yavapai County for the time being…does this mean I can have a bonfire???    Regional Alert Website


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